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Men's 2nd XI vs Gloucester City

29 October 2011 at 10:34

The game started on the back foot with an unnamed central midfielder disgraced him self (and upset the umpires) by exposing himself in the corner of the pitch (at a school). You would have thought this would be an automatic D*** of the day. However, 5 minutes into the first half after weather some sustained pressure, Tim Packer played a beautiful and well timed pass to the Gloucester centre forward to take on and score.

The second goal for Gloucester came just before half time with a thundering strike, resulting from a poor clearance after Tim Packer (not a great day for me) collided with the leader of our ship -Gilbert.

2nd half looked much better with some good passing but not a huge amount happening in front of goal. A couple of short corners went astray but otherwise not particularly threatening. No yellow cards today so that is an improvement

I think the highlight of the game was match tea. Gloucester provided a very high standard of baked potatoes. I think what impressed me most was the choice of toppings, either chilli, beans or tuna (with or without cheese). All made to order and served with the finesse of a Michelin starred restaurant. There was a lovely addition of a side salad for those more health conscious among us! Although the water was not provided on the table it was of the top most quality and in pint glass, which is important because I hate drinking out of small glasses.


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