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Ladies 1st IX Vs Bath University

29 February 2012 at 17:23

Bristol set off for Bath looking to finish the BUCS season on a high.  In the first half Bristol played some good hockey and won quite a few short corners but couldn’t quite convert to a goal.  Bath meanwhile got a breakaway which they put away leaving the score at half time 1-0 to Bath.  Bristol started the second half with renewed vigour, but Bath scored from a second breakaway.  Soon after, Joie Leigh made a great run into the D beating several defenders on the way and took a great reverse-stick shot which sailed past the Bath keeper.  Bristol had many good attempts on goal and were denied by the post and by the Bath keeper lying on the ball.  A third Bath break made it 3-1 to the home side and Bristol pulled another goal back with a goal from a short corner strike by Jo Muddle.  Bristol continued to fight to the very end, but were unable to find the back of the net again before the final whistle blew.  Bristol worked hard and played well throughout the match and were unlucky not to have scored more goals.  Final score: Bath 3, Bristol 2.

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University of Bristol Men's 2nd XI vs West Wilts Away

28 February 2012 at 00:26

Many athletes spend hours preparing on a match day, for example Wilkinson arrives at the pitch in the early morning to practice kicking before entering a complex routine to make sure he is ready and switched on for the first whistle. However, for the high flying 2s this was all unnecessary, with about 15 minutes to go the UBMHC 2nd XI were beginning to arrive, while Patricia had led his car to Battelsbuy Barracks, where Adam almost lost his nick name by pointing out that there was a man with a gun. With 10 minutes to go everyone was there, some had not travelled in kit, so used their common sense to change behind a towel, others, clearly jealous of this cunning deemed it to be worthy of soixent neuf. Due to the opposition possessing a colour blind man we were also required to play in bibs, cumbersome items which worn over shirts looked messy and got in the way. The same bright spark was once more about to be criticised for the genius idea of just playing in bibs.

The game began; it was quickly apparent that it was going to be a good, hard fought and close game. Bristol passed the ball well building efficiently and creating scoring opportunities. The defence was able to provide a good service for the front line enabling them to get in behind defenders. The best opportunities came from Stephen’s ariel bombardment of their left half allowing the right wing to drive the baselines and penetrate the D. Most of the play remained up the West Wilt’s end with Bristol penetrating the D more than in previous games. However, this was not without retaliation, the home side dealt mainly in counter attacks trying to break quickly by finding their high man. However, the new full back paring of Summers and Elston successfully broke these attacks down, keeping them away from the goal. The game had a lot for the neutral, with lots of free flowing hockey, and attacks down both ends of the pitch, often in quick succession. Bristol also displayed good patient passing hockey, confirming that they truly are the Barcelona of the Davis Wood leagues.

The teams entered half time locked at nil nil, leading to the possibility of a 2nd XI Saturday clean sheet. After encouragement from the skipper, Dom then took us through his usual water bottle press, and the second half begun. West Wilts had been sitting off Bristol but after half time decided to push higher and try to steal the ball, but sensible passing meant that Bristol did not need to worry unduly as there were gaps which could be exploited. However, a few careless errors did lead to a much tenser period of the game, which saw more play down Bristol’s end than before. This influx of men higher up the pitch inevitably meant that they had less depth as was displayed when Summers twice bypassed six players with an aerial, leading to chances. Bristol won their first short corner but their keeper leaping like a salmon denied a Woodhead flick. Adam skilfully won another short. During the game Metcalf had made two vital observations, firstly that the keeper looked vulnerable form a straight strike and secondly that the defence were running too quickly to allow a normal flick or even a slip left. To this end he decided to push the ball out to adam’s left leaving him no choice but to strike the ball. He placed it across the keeper into the goal to give Bristol a 1-0 lead. All that remained was a nervy 15 minute period with which to keep the visitors out. Despite a few scares this was done effectively by the defence, with the last touch of the game being a fine save by Heath to deny the home side an equaliser. There it was, Bristol first win away from home, the first clean sheet this half of the season, the first goal from a short corner for a while, and the only time this season we could do the double over a Saturday side and did do the double. 

Bristol left elated, and after enjoying a swim left to rest well for the next day, where they had another big game. A happy day of hockey all round.

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Ladies 1st IX squeeze a draw against Plymouth Marjons

25 February 2012 at 18:25

Today dawned with the celebration of the birth of our Vice Captain, Emily Dyson, and what a sunny day it was. We all arrived with only one forgetful person, Charlotte Evans having to return home having left the league book at home... all because she was remembering to buy the birthday cake!

Our warm up was a little slow with our first touch looking uncertain and this was the base of the game to follow.  With the sun shining on our backs the first half we managed to string together some great patterns of play resulting in dominance of the game in the first half and some great chances. Sadly none of these could be converted to give us something to defend. Birthday girl didn't have much more luck, being hit in the jugular and then her back spasming out!

Half time consisted of some firm talking to by Hector, as he was getting wildly frustrated on the side-line during the first half. So we started the second half with a new focus of pre-scanning to give early passes.

The second half started badly as we went down 1-0 after a break away, resulted in Parge being beaten and no luck for it being saved off the line. However we didn’t give up, even when the play was not pretty to finally convert one of our few hundred short corners into a goal by Jo Muddle, bringing us level at 1-1. Man of the match went to Miranda Caillard for her fantastic tackling and strength in defence.

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Men's 2s draw away to Glamorgan

24 February 2012 at 14:07

Men’s 2nd XI vs Glamorgan 1st XI


The 2nd XI were excited at the prospect of sharing a bus with the netball girls. Unfortunately Relston, Woody, Schuster, Stupid and Sam Hart would be driving separately and meeting us there as they didn’t fancy having 2 hours to kill in Glamorgan before our match, and we all know that Relston only likes talking to rugby girls. Understandable. Dom’s brother Jared would be joining us for the trip though, a very notable performance from him - cracked into the JD and coke at 11am.


We arrived at the union to find that we would in fact have our own minibus, which unfortunately for everyone else on the team meant that we would hang around, and wait for the others. With hindsight we should have used this as an opportunity for a pre-match fresher kidnap and sent Metcalfe or Shandy with the girls. We can only learn from our mistakes.


Once all on the bus and on the way the bus driver asked if we could play “less gay songs” on the boombox. Stirling gave him the answer he needed, with a touching rendition of ‘You raise me up - Westlife’. We hit traffic on the M4 and made the bad decision of waking Dom Oliver (VP Sport & Health) from a deep sleep so that he could save the day and let the opposition know we’d be late. After making the urgent phone call, he went back to sleep.


Finally arriving at Glamorgan with about 20 mins to push back the team got ready quickly, apart from Summers, who spent this 20 minutes doing his hair.


After a shorter than usual warm up, the match started. Bristol set about work to get the 3 points they had come here for. Eventually Scott Darroch scored the slowest goal I have ever seen (even slower than the one I conceded). Bristol went into half time 1-0 up.


The second half started and we had some good chances, Woody’s rapid drag flick from a short was denied as it hit the post. Back in defence there was a very close call when the ball was chipped over Gilbert on the floor - fortunately it hit the cross bar and was defended out. Eventually Glamorgan got a short on goal. Problem was is that it was kicked in… The captain was a great sportsman and owned up to it, saying that someone had taken his stick out. Eventually after much debate a short corner was awarded against Bristol. Straight strike from the top of the D, Gilbert logged and managed to deflect a very slow hit into the roof of the net somehow. Great goal though. The umpire then blew the whistle for full time, not realising that they had forgotten to stop the clock during the 5 minute debate about the goal that was kicked in. We played for 3 more minutes, not managing to score again in a game that we definitely should have won. The game ended shortly Woody got in a bit of a square up with a Glamorgan player, getting a yellow card.


The stop at MacDonalds on the way back was made better by the fact that the theme for social was charity shop challenge (see photo…). Fresher Shakie B as standard.


MOM Woody. DOD Gilbert

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21st Jan, Ladies 2s vs. Jaspers

18 February 2012 at 15:06

21st Jan, Ladies 2s vs. Jaspers
Having previously lost to Jaspers 5-3 at the start of the season, the team were out for a win, with the hope that our now established team would show the locals who’s boss. Following a cracking training session the night before, both expectations and spirits were high. After a hard fought game we only managed to score one goal to Jasper’s two despite multiple shots on goal. Our dreams of a win for the new season were left sadly unfulfilled despite a strong performance across the field.

By Trish.

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Bristol 2s 2 - 3 UWIC

18 February 2012 at 15:04

Bristol 2s 2 - 3 UWIC

We arrived at this game cold but excited as we knew today was the today Lucy Pike would be undertaking the 3 pint challenge out of Claire's astro! More importantly however, we were excited for the game, we were looking for a big win! We were 2 -0 down early on and UWIC werent giving up their lead easily. Some great play from the forwards put the pressure on, giving UWIC a few scares, but their keeper kept them out of trouble. A great goal from Hannah Cornish allowed us to get back in the game but UWIC started the second half strong yet again and poor Katie was left in a vulnerable situation, 3-1 to UWIC. A short corner in the latter part of this half allowed me to score and meant we were catching them once more. However, time was not on our side and we were defeated. Congrats to our MOM Hannah Parvin and to Lucy Pike for completing her challenge and escaping the dick robe, a priviledge which was then bestowed onto myself, cheers guys.
Final Score Bristol 2 - UWIC 3
By Anna Moore.

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Bristol 2s 4 - 0 Gloucester

18 February 2012 at 15:02

Bristol 2s 4 - 0 Gloucester

The game started well from the off, with the 'pumped' UBLHC 2nd X1 gaining 3 short corners in the first five minutes. Despite Lucy Pike's best efforts, Gloucester's runners were strong, so a simple '99' to Hannah Parvin proved effective and Bristol were 1-0 up. We were not going to get complacent however, and minutes later Claire Makin managed to smack a ball into the net, albeit through the leg of a Gloucester player. An inspirational half time talk from Hector and our injured captain Georgie meant we werent going to settle for just 2-0. Despite a few catastrophic 'swing and misses' from myself, my team mates were having better luck and 3 more goals were popped into the goal by Tori Stack and Foxilicious (Sarah Foxton). The final whistle blew. O how we cheered. Bristol 4, Gloucester 0.
Anna Moore. p.s I didn't deserve dick of the day.

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University of Bristol Men's 2nd XI vs Plymouth

17 February 2012 at 15:43

On a frosty February morning the members of the UMBHC 2XI faced a gruelling 3 hour journey to Plymouth in order to defend their title as BUCS Western conference cup champions. A meet time of 9am meant chat was fairly dry at first, but the sense of anticipation over the match to come, a 3 hour coach journey home and the inaugural round of ‘Take Fresher Out’ on social meant that things soon perked up.


A strengthen squad, with the likes of Cottam and Gamble added to the mix, filled the team with an air of confidence, which was reflect in the opening fifteen minutes of the game. Solid play throughout the team led to a good amount of Bristol possession in the Plymouth half. The ball was fired across the D on a number of occasions, but with the forwards just unable to convert. With Bristol looking the better side it came as a shock when until then ‘rock at the back’ Stirling inexplicably passed the ball to the Plymouth centre forward, who combined with his forward partner to give Plymouth the all important first goal. Bristol were left shell shocked, with Archie confirming the already well established fact that his girlfriend is definitely better at hockey than he is.


Half time came with the score at 1-0 and Bristol realising they needed to up their game if they wanted to repeat last year’s cup success. A bright start to the second half with Oliver and Metcalf pulling the strings from the midfield was thwarted when Plymouth again snuck a cheap goal, Bristol began to look less composed on the ball after this point and were again rocked with a moment of injustice akin only to when Alex Edgerley failed to make the ‘Britain’s top 100 sexiest men list’.


This injustice came when an heroic, last ditch tackle from Cottam on the Plymouth forward who found himself a yard out in front of an open goal was deemed to be a stick tackle by the umpire. A penalty flick was awarded and duly converted. At 3-0 down a Bristol come back looked unlikely and despite a wonder goal from Weezy senior the game finished 3-1, but with just enough time for Cottam to stand on his stick whilst controlling the ball and fall flat on his arse to earn himself soixante-neuf.


A disappoint result was soon forgotten as the UBMHC travelled home in true UBMHC style. Gamble not knowing that in a few hours he would be revealing his mangina to the horrified onlookers at our fair maiden, the Bank Tavern.



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Ladies 1st XI defeat Brunel University

16 February 2012 at 12:31

Wednesday afternoon arrived and the whole team were raring to go. After our feisty first encounter away at Brunel resulted in a draw, the team knew that we could step our game up a level and get an essential win to keep us from the bottom of the table.  After weeks plagued with injury we managed to put out a squad of 15 – with lots of legs ‘ready to roll’ we knew we could dig deep and give the game our all. We dominated in the first 10 minutes with confident attacking play, entering the D at least six times before we managed to get our first goal after a superb 3D skills display from Joie. This was no easy task as the Brunel defence clustered themselves around the ball in the circle making us have to look wider outside the D – there were some fantastic balls in from Iola and skills from Sophie.

Brunel’s high forward always looked dangerous however with her ‘long speedy legs’ as Hector pointed out , and although Lucy and Mandy made some awesome runs back to deny her from reaching the D, Brunel were awarded a short corner after a breakaway which they converted making the score 1-1. Our heads seemed to drop slightly but we continued transferring well at the back and looking for good balls through to the forwards – our hard work paid off in the form of a short corner. After a save from their keeper the ball found itself on the stick of Sophie who coolly flicked it into the net. At the halftime whistle the score stood at 2-1.

With everything still to play for we knew Brunel would come out hard in the second half so we upped our game with everyone working hard all over the pitch to press the ball in their half. Scrappy defence from them gave us a short which was slipped to Carter on the right. After dummying right she turned to casually pass reverse-stick to Evans who slotted the ball into the goal to take the tally to 3-1.We fought hard until the end – Parge made some fantastic saves to keep Brunel from scoring and the match ended on a high with a charging run from midfield by Joie. Managing to avoid the swarm of navy shirts in the D, she showed us how it was done by sending the ball past the keeper’s right foot on her front stick – notably not being blown up for using the back of her stick as had been demonstrated in front of goal previously by Amy.

A crucial win for the team and a good performance too.  Man of the match: Joie Leigh

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Ladies 1st XI Vs University of Gloucestershire University

13 February 2012 at 23:51

We set off for Gloucestershire Uni on a cool but sunny Wednesday morning with high hopes of a successful game with respect to the previous score line. On arrival, we set up to change as normal in the changing room with fingers crossed that everyone had remembered kit. Unfortunately for me, between my house and the Gloucester changing rooms my open bag had resulted in a lack of skirt, tracksuit bottoms and shiny new UBLHC skin, the ultimate nightmare. Nobody had a spare skirt or even running leggings so I ended up looking as though I was going to Lounge in some see-thru Topshop leggings and a long strap top.
We headed down to the pitch which could only be described as 'horrible' and started warming up. The first half was a little lethargic, with only two subs, both of which were not fully fit. We ended up on the back foot ignoring Ian's crys of 'pass the ball down the right' from the sideline.  With an inspirational half time talk we came out fighting in the second half. With forwards pushed high and defence obeying Ian we began to make some progress. Anna was placed strategically on the T-spots and had a great game as a forward scoring our only goal of the game. Classic Joie absolutely ruined the midfield and gained MOM which is beginning to become default. Ultimately a disappointing loss!

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