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University of Bristol Mens 1st XI vs UWIC

26 March 2012 at 22:27

The UBMHC 1st XI went into their final BUCS game with the intention of
sending off their many final years with a fond farewell. The game was
always going to be played at a high tempo with a lot of pride at stake.
UWIC plus their one "golden" boy, were never in the game in the
first 20 minutes as Bristol took an early lead through a Dave Bates
deflection from Fresher Bolthouse on a short corner. Thankfully Bolthouse
has realized he can't score short corners anymore so passed this
one. With Bristol cruised they switched off a bit with 5 minutes to go in
the first half and UWIC countered on this to grab one back after some
sloppy defensive work from Bristol on the baseline.

After a final rallying call for a good BUCS performance from Bristol, they
started the second half much like the first with lots of the ball and
playing well as the team they have become. This began to wear down UWIC so
after another Dave Bates deflection, a Bolthouse flick from 10 yards out,
they thought they'd give him a chance this time, and a Matt Poole
goal, yes you read that correctly, Bristol ran out comfortable winners.
Mom went to Matt Poole; think we felt bad for him so a bandwagon was
started by himself. Dod went to Wyatt for never having done the yard in
his final year.

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Ladies 1st XI clawed a crucial point Vs Cheltenham

19 March 2012 at 11:58

On a sunny Saturday morning at the dingle morning the 1s rolled up to face Cheltenham in one of our last Saturday matches of the season. After a little show and tell about several peoples recent bruising (poor carter still sporting a big one!) we got out on to the pitch ready to play. The first half was fairly evenly matched, with a couple of close attempts from Muddle and Evans, and some excellent saves made by Parge it was still 0-0 at half time. However, after failing to convert several short corners Cheltenham managed to get a breakaway goal (despite illegally fouling Mandy on the way), and the chase was on for Bristol. Everyone fought hard for the rest of the half (although personally I was playing a bit more football than hockey it seemed!) and after a couple of close attempts a cracking ball in from Carter and a sweet deflection by BM evened the score. Unfortunately we didn’t quite manage to convert any more chances but I think everyone was fairly pleased with the 1-1 draw at the end of the match.

MOM: Parge for saving our necks several times in goal!

DOD: Myself ( Georgia Curtis) for the previously mentioned interlude of football in to the game.

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University of Bristol Men's 2nd XI vs Swindon Home

18 March 2012 at 18:26

In spite of Scott Darroch’s best efforts to inflict injury on each member of the 2s squad in the previous night’s training , the team entered the Fortress with a unusual degree of expectation. A tireless performance against UWE the previous week, an emphatic dismantling of Swansea , and the magnificent news that George Sleath was absent, instilled a rare sense of hope.

It was with little surprise, however, that within minutes the 2s had fallen behind. Archie Stirling’s decision to let the ball run through to a Swindon forward at the back post was as questionable as the defence’s decision, later in the game, to let this exceptionally slow man run first man at short corners. Though Archie cannot be blamed for the concession of each corner in the match, his inability to reach the penalty spot by the time the ball had been struck from the top, exposed the physical limitations of this often ridiculed individual.

A wave of shock swept the Dingle minutes later, as a 2s short corner was actually converted. More scandalous still, Stirling himself was the man responsible. Admittedly, he did top the ball to the point he almost missed an open goal, and yes, the umpires did have to deliberate extensively as to whether they should award a goal to such a peculiar figure, but award it they did, and 2s had drawn level.

In a season where half -time team talks have often ignited a deluge of goals for the opposing team, it proved an eerie spectacle that Oliver’s lecture today preceded a genuine physical deluge. Eerier still, and completely unlike Oliver’s lectures, the monsoon worked to the 2s’advantage. Swindon’s slick passing slowed to sedate, bobbling interchanges, of which the 2s have proven themselves masters, and as the ball was bundled into the opposition’s area, Josh Phillips swept home from close distance.

Although Sleath’s return shall be met comprehensive sorrow, and I, in no way, wish to advocate it, the 2s began to lack energy, which George can occasionally provide. Tired, cold, and exceptionally wet*, Bristol struggled to match Swindon’s movement, and poor marking allowed Swindon to draw level, and then take the lead with ten minutes remaining.

A decision not to award a short corner in the closing seconds of the game ignited uproar throughout the Dingle complex; nevertheless,  Bristol should take heart from a game in which they could easily have been humiliated. Credit must go to Callum for denying a series of short corners, and earned his third man-of-the-match   award in as many games. It seems the way forward is clear: More Heath, less Sleath.


* Ambiguity alert. Yes, we were all physically wet, but far less so than Richard Elston, who after being tapped on the head at Friday’s training, reacted like a soppy fanny.


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University of Bristol Men's 2nd XI vs UWE Away

18 March 2012 at 18:25

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University of Bristol Men's 2nd XI vs Westbury Away

18 March 2012 at 18:23

After a quite remarkable away win the day before, we wanted to continue our astounding form. It was certain that a few of us were feeling the previous days exerts, but luckily Westbury were much older then us so struggled also.

With another game with out the team clown at full back we began with higher spirits then usual. The first half flowed well with both sides making good chances, and Potton in goal making some very good saves.

The major incident of the half occurred with Adam at stand-in full back performing a pretty dirty and obviously deliberate foul on Fabio Capello (who has abandoned his England managerial career to focus on his hockey!) and taking the yellow card.

With the scores still level after the break, Bristol started to open up gaps in the Westbury defence and after a good drive from Rich Nuttall into the D, followed by a pass to Schuster who calmly lifted the ball over the logging Keeper, 1-0.

The game was then end to end for about 10 minutes until Alex Gamble found himself approaching the 23, and delivered a wonder ball towards Ben Walter who, with a sliding deflection put the ball into the goal, 2-0.

The game then got a bit manic, in the last minutes Bristol were really under pressure to maintain their 2 goal lead. One of the Westbury attacks left our defence open and with Potton beaten Richard Elston “slipped” over while on the goal line and stopped the ball with his foot. The subsequent penalty stroke was missed and the game ended 2-0 to Bristol.

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Mighty BUCS quarter finals for Ladies 1st XI Vs Durham

11 March 2012 at 19:58

The long awaited match report of the Bristol XII’s epic voyage up north to take on the goliath of hockey teams that is the Durham XII.

If my memory serves me correctly, the northwards journey was characterized by some pretty dubious film choices and a couple of less than ideal service station stops where everyone’s noses were put slightly out of joint by having to pay 4.50 for a measly ham, cheese pannini?? Anyway, we were not disheartened. A very comfortable night in Durham’s finest Premiere Inn worked wonders and I know I was not the only one who was relishing the idea of a serious lie in given that our game was not until 4pm….not a bit of it. Up and out by 8am for a lung and leg stretch which thankfully involved running to the tesco express for some breakfast- otherwise I think there may have been a few more grumpy faces at that time in the morning.

The big game dawned and after Ian had thoroughly confused the large majority of the team with a particularly baffling mnemonic, we were ready to go. With the word PALM 2 (yes, if you can make sense of that one then you’re doing well) ringing in everyone’s ears we proceeded to hold our own against a side that is indisputably the best in the north and will certainly be contenders for the final BUCS trophy. It was 1-1 at half time but a brief 10 minutes of concentration lapse lead to a final score of 3-1. A far cry from the humiliating result a few of the more realistic members were expecting so moral was very high for the long journey home.

Before I forget, many thanks to Ian whose presence on the side line was much appreciated; probably because we’re sufficiently terrified of ‘bishing’ but for whatever reason, he really does seem to have a positive impact on the way we play.

Mention should also go to Muddle who scored the goal- nicely walloped in the bottom left hand corner off a straight strike. Joei yet again didn’t disappoint and was named MOM- she earns that hallowed title more by default than anything else these days! And I really can’t remember quite why I once again earned the unenviable position of churning out another match report, sorry if they’re getting boring but I’m really starting to run out of inspiration…

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University of Bristol Mens 1st XI vs Cardiff

07 March 2012 at 21:21

Bristol secured BUCS Premiership hockey for another season on Wednesday
with a crushing 4-0 victory over Cardiff, relegating the Welsh side in the

In a match that further emphasised the gulf between the standard of hockey
on either side of the Servern, (as already proved by Bristol's own Welsh
"International", Stacey) the visitors travelled to Fortress Dingle knowing
only a win would keep their slim chances of survival alive. Nevertheless,
despite not having Great Britain Goal-Keeping "Ace" James Bailey
available, (due to a Valentine's mini-break to Venice with girlfriend) the
result never looked in doubt.

Bristol, buoyed by the return of Finn Hoolahan to the team following his
release from a high security unit in Shepton Mallet, started brightly and
soon went 1-0 up when the rather rotund fresher Malthouse got his
considerable weight and momentum behind the ball and converted a short
corner rebound.

Ben Porter, who earlier in the week went on record as saying "I just love
watching Eugene play", clearly drew inspiration from his chubby hero's
opener and soon made it 2-0 with a fine deflection, earning him a much
savoured warm embrace from our very own Henry VIII lookalike.

Much to Wheezy Wyatt's relief, half time was just around the corner and
Bristol went into the break with their 2-0 lead in tact. After an
ear-bashing from Führer Phillips that warned against the kind of
complacency that saw Bristol squander a 2 goal lead in the reverse fixture
before Christmas, Bristol started the second half determined to take all
three points.

However, knowing that only a win would be enough to save them, Cardiff
started the second half in an aggressive and desperate manner, throwing
everything they had at the Bristol defence in search of an early goal. The
Bristol back four held firm though, with Charlie Fry looking particularly
impressive. The aforementioned Fry did however have an ulterior motive for
ensuring victory against the side who's supporters mercilessly ridiculed
him for his receding hairline.

The Cardiff gamble soon backfired as a free-flowing Bristol counter attack
was finished clinically with an excellent reverse stick goal from the top
of the D courtesy of the Führer. The game then descended into a scrappy
affair as the petulant Cardiff side, now destined for League 1 hockey,
threw their toys out of the pram. This only played into Bristol's favour,
and just before the final whistle veteran left-half Nick Gregory displayed
lightening fast reactions to add a fourth and final goal with a pull shot
Sachin Tendulkar would have been proud of, following a wayward slash from
fresher-loving Ben Porter that was almost certainly destined for the
corner flag.

Only one question now remains this season, and given the current odds it
is a question that bookmakers seem unable to answer; Which drought will
end first? Eugene's Sahara-esque efforts in the bedroom, or Ricky's
Gobi-esque efforts in front of goal...


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University of Bristol Mens 1st XI vs Exeter

07 March 2012 at 21:18

An impressive performance from a spirited Bristol side saw them go down 3-1 in a
tightly fought contest at Coombe Dingle. Bristol went into the game against the
table topping side with nothing to loose and started the match with that in mind.

Bristol started well with good shape and impressive marking keeping the Exeter
forwards very quiet. The half was devoid of many clear goal scoring opportunities
with Dave Bates going close from a deflection and James Bailey making some, by his
standards, rudimentary saves from Exeters specialist drag flicker.

Half time came with the score at 0-0 and Bristol in high spirits. Ready to go out in
the second half and claim what would be a historical win. The word from Phillips was
keep playing the same hockey but that the ball is precious.

The second half started in much the same way, both teams enjoying
prolongued periods of pressure but struggling to break the deadlock. The first goal
came with 15 minutes to go. An on form Dave Bates found the bobbling ball fall at
his feet on the penalty spot and with the coolest of heads, tucked the ball in the
corner of the goal for 1-0.

Unfortunately for Bristol, as is often the case, one brought two but the second was
in the wrong end. Defensive stalwart Brazell,
uncharacteristically disposessed on the 25, saw the ball quickly shipped right to an
open Exeter attacker. He drove to the baseline and with the square ball found an
open man who slotted into the empty net. 1-1.

Exeter came again and almost immediately won another short corner. A well drilled
routine saw the dragflick destined for the bottom corner only for Bailey to get down
quickly and keep the ball out. Unfortunatly luck wasnt quite on Bristols side this
time and the ball dropped to feet of the grateful Exeter forward to calmly tuck in
the rebound, 2-1.

Still undeterred though, Bristol continued to push on. An excellent chance went
begging which wouldve seen the scores levelled and it anyones game. Into the last 5
minutes and Bristol clearly beginning to tire. A quick transfer from Exeter caught
the Bristol defensive line out of postion and utilising the 2 on 1 created, the ball
found its way into the goal. 3-1.

The final whistle brought an end to an entertaining second half of hockey and the
Bristol players left with the thoughts of "what could have been"!

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Bristol 2s vs Gloucester 2s

05 March 2012 at 09:20

Bristol ladies fought well against Gloucester on Saturday. After some solid defence, particularly from C. Melville on her debut performance; and some excellent saves from keeper, K. Ivison, the half time score remained 0-0. A lucky break early on in the second half resulted in Bristol conceding an unfortunate goal. However, Bristol created several chances upfront and finally a strike from L. Pike and a deflection from S. Foxton resulted in an equalising goal, leaving the final score at 1-1; a deserved result from both sides.

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Ladies 1st XI Vs Clifton 2's

02 March 2012 at 14:27

Bristol had a slow and scappy start to the game with half of us being half asleep and went down one nil from a short corner. Quickly we woke up and started working together. A ball from sophie to amy, set the speed machine off round the clifton defender and hit ball across the D for a tap in at the back post by bm! Shortly after this we had loads of chances leading to some short corners, which jo muddle converted one. Starting the second half, bristol were leading however we started the second half in a similar manner to the first and conceeded another break away goal! Building up our confidence after this goal, and once again jo muddle converted another short corner! Sadly Bristols lack of concentration after this goal lead to a final break away by Cliftons forward and we went down another goal making it all level at 3-3 with 5mins to go. This is how the match ended, Bristol were very unfortunate with endless chances in front of the goal which we just couldnt convert. Alex Bromley-Martin gained MOM for our fantastic work rate in attack and her great tackling back. Overall a good performance for our 2nd game in 2 days.

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