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Bristol Uni 1s vs ECV Hornets

22 November 2012 at 21:14

Bristol University 6 – 2 ECV Hornets

Scorers: Dave Bates, Tarn Huxford x2, Vanessa Mitchell x2, Adam Stephens.

A convincing score line reflected the nature of the game in which Bristol dominated for long periods, rarely looked uncomfortable and efficiently dispatched their chances to take the points and a first home win of the season.

Confidence was high coming into the fixture after two successive away wins. Ian’s pre-match talk increased the positive feeling in the team when he revealed a secret that he was told by a hockey friend: that ECV only play long ball and that they have some weak players. The Bristol Boys seized on these words, confident that they would repeatedly stop a hockey ball with great success, even if it was hit hard, and in doing so nullify the Hornets’ long ball game. This is how a lot of the game transpired as Bristol dominated and imposed their slicker and altogether more attractive style of play, underlined by diligence, dedication and discipline (or some similarly lengthy words which escape me now), onto the fixture.

Good build up play led to a number of short corners, an area in which the Hornets’ keeper seemed to have a misunderstanding of his most basic role. Goals flowed. Pressure was maintained as Rich Elston delivered a number of dangerous balls to the back post.  Ironically (you begin to think), it was the hornets ‘D-hive’ that was under constant, swarming, stinging attack (English lit. degree right there boys). And there’s more…  

Despite their nest being rattled the Hornets could not stir to attack from under the pressure and superior hockey (which we all love) of the home side. Their ‘keeper, acting like a pestered dying Queen - its workers fruitlessly trying to keep the cause alive - was helpless as Vanessa, who - as she swung for the ball with a force hereto unmatched by any human with her name was actually reliving dark childhood memories of herself as a wee girl with mini-hockey stick raised high above her head viciously swotting real Hornets to death in her back garden - connected more sweetly than she ever had all those years ago to buzz one into the top corner.  

Many a proud parent (some to the stage of tears) was to be found on the side-lines satisfied with the knowledge that the £9,000 was bloody well spent.

Talking of £9,000 well spent, any sane individual would gladly pay £9,000 for the culinary delight that awaited the visitors after the game. Some moaned (not enough sweet things) but the majority saw sense and tucked into the delightful spread with gratitude. Feast had by all.

Solid performances all round, Big Phil-Dog dominated in the midfield, as energetic yet far more graceful than a canine threatened with a stung mouth (though multiple stings could perhaps go some way to explaining the horrible growth currently sprouting from his top lip) and A. Stephens got a goal to top off a MotM performance – although Vanessa’s name seems to have gone up on the website. Has she been bribing people with flirty no-knickers glances up her skirt again? I’ll leave you with that. And 3 points.  

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Bristol Uni 1s vs Oxford Uni 1s

22 November 2012 at 21:13

UBMHC 1st XI vs Oxford 1st XI


With another game of BUCS hockey lined up we arrived at fortress dingle ready for what promised to be a good game against another top university. The arrival was a well humoured one due to the latest piece of attire this kit sec has decided to add to his playing kit. Having destroyed the previous pair, he decided to purchase a pair of nice white Astros. These however were so white that they are currently emitting a glow which Felix Baumgartner can verify is visible from the edge of space.

The game began at the usual high intensity now expected of the 1st team, and this intensity soon caused troubles in the Oxford defence. This pressure and lack of pace in the Oxford back line created an opportunity where Josh Moore with a full length slide deflected the ball just wide of the near post. A shame this work rate was not replicated all over the pitch with resident potato Gimble son of Gloin being heckled by Ian with “Gamble DO SOMETHING!” we are still waiting to see if dwarves are dangerous over short distances.

The first half continued with chances falling to both sides and a few short corners with Eugene “I’m flicking like a turd” Malthouse bringing a good save from the Oxford goalkeeper. The lifted ball rule was being officiated as dubiously as Adam Stephens fashion sense with the ball flashing past player’s faces and being deemed safe. The half ended 0-0.

The second half began with the all too familiar drop in concentration and the all too familiar reduction in our numbers with Elston getting a yellow for thinking the ball hadn’t gone off the pitch and so being caught tackling within 5 yards of a sideline hit, and after a 5 minute discussion no short corner was given. However with fewer players we subsequently conceded a number of short corners and after a well worked routine Oxford took the lead with a deflection that left Bailey as much chance as Stirling getting sufficient bandwidth to make a Skype call in a house of 6 lonely boys.

This incident was then followed by a second goal, this time deflected from an open play and then a third from a straight flick short corner, which again left Bailey with very little chance to deal with due to Tarn’s big arse blocking his view until the last second. In this period of concentration lapse Fresher Thorpe showed a lack of cricketing pedigree with an air swing of such force that it is a suspected factor to the devastating power of Hurricane Sandy.

With a 3 goal deficit it was finally time for Bristol’s cue for a performance which creates scoring opportunities. After very patient transferring play creating an overload on the right, the ball was worked into the D with excellent play from Ricky and Scott. Well what happened next must have been a culmination of brilliance, luck and hunger, as Alex Gamble found the ball in front of him and not only “did something”, but put away the finish on an excellently worked goal.

Now Oxford were under pressure and the Oxford keeper looked as leaky as Bailey described him to be (the words sieve and colander were thrown around.), and Ben Walter proved this with a finish as good as Richard Elstjohn’s contribution to the finishing of [REDACTED]’s UBL“H”C career. 2-3 now and the comeback looked on.

Unfortunately this comeback was cut short by 5 minutes due to a timing issue between the umpires one of whom stopped his watch during the Elston sending off and one who didn’t! Good performance for 60 minutes all in all. MoM went to Ricky for his work rate and effectiveness in attack. DoD went to Adam Stephens for the wardrobe disaster that is his life in general.

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Bristol Uni 1s vs UWIC 1s

22 November 2012 at 21:11

Bristol went into the game with UWIC knowing that a win would greatly help in their quest to secure a midtable place in BUCS prem South. Unfortunately despite this, the team never really got out of 1st gear, and conceded 2 sloppy goals in the first half, whilst creating very little up front. With captain George Brown out injured, a debut was given to Si Gillespie who performed well keeping the ball well in the middle, whilst showing tireless running when used up front.

A half time chat seemed to have worked, as Eugene Malthouse found the far corner with a precise dragflick. To compound this UWIC also got punished for their relentless ‘chat’ to the umpires, and were reduced to 10 men. Whilst this should have galvanised the team to move on and get the equaliser and possible winner, Bristol were hit on the break shortly after when a clinical counter attack put UWIC 3-1 up. Bristol toiled and created a few chances, but the game was finally put to bed with minutes remaining when a shot from the edge of the D rifled into the far corner.

Bristol were disheartened at the end, but knew that they had not put in enough to deserve the result. The end outcome of the match places added importance on Bristols trip to Oxford next week, where a win is now of great importance. Having played out a tight 3-2 loss in the reverse fixture earlier in the term, we know that this will be a tough ask, but well within our reach if we play to the standard shown in earlier matches.

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Ladies 4th XI vs Gloucestershire Uni 2nd XI

20 November 2012 at 19:39

After a disappointing (/devastating) loss last week, the 4th XI were determined to get a win, despite being faced with the same team the Bristol Ladies 2nd XI had played the week before. We were optimistic since the 2s had beaten them by a comfortable 3-0, until we realized that that was the 2s, and we remembered who we were. It is safe to say we did not expect a win, and the term ‘defensive game’ was being thrown around in an attempt to warn everyone playing, but not send them running for the hills. After a jog and stretches, we had a brief team chat, and attempted as best as we could to get the gossip from Twinkie Jones regarding a certain hockey boy, but Roz Boldy stuck to her word and kept her mouth shut (until a few hours and snakebites later). We finally got onto the pitch and had a decent warm up, much better than the previous week’s 30-second jog and stretch as you get into positions. The game started and we had some cracking runs through the mids from Lucy Preston (later crowned MOTM), and up the left wing. It wasn’t long before we got our first goal with a great deflection from Lucy Pettman, and we were all jogging back, quite unable to believe what had just happened. True to what we had expected, Gloucestershire 2s came back strong to get a short, and their first (and only) goal, 1-1. At half time we had an encouraging chat and yet another plea to POST UP and keep the intensity high. We knew Gloucestershire would be having the ‘they’re the league below us WHAT IS GOING ON’ chat in the other goal, so we made sure we went out strong in the second half.

Tensions were high, and we knew whoever scored the next goal would win, and sure enough, after some cracking play through the mids and up the right wing we got another one in the bag. Ottie Gotley and Frankie Hill got a touch overexcited by this and both cheered a little more than is sporting, but managed to pass it off as ‘mocking Gloucestershire after their previous goal’. Gloucestershire had some very strong forwards, and the strong defense with Fran Guarino and Abbie Blackmore managed to get the ball back out and into Bristol’s possession once more. After a missed ball from Gloucestershire’s forwards, Ottie Gotley got a little over exited again, and tried to take a ‘quick 16’.  Instead of the intended pass to the left mid, it was fed straight to a Gloucestershire forward, who was eagerly waiting at the top of the D. This lead to a 2 on 1 with our novice goalie Emma Sanders, and quite rightly earned Ottie DOD. Although with the help of the other defense, the ball was removed from our D and back up to our forwards… Good work girls. Finally we ended with another cracking goal, and the whistle went with the defense in goal for a Gloucestershire short. By this point we had already won, and Gloucestershire sent all their players up… pressure on. An unsuccessful strike, and some hacking at the ball lead to Bristol clearing it out and a successful 3-1 victory! WinningWednesdays. 

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Ladies 4th XI vs Aberystwyth 1st XI

20 November 2012 at 18:43

After 3 and a half hours on a bus, and a mini “city” tour of Aberystwyth (partially directed by Abby Whiteman and her new friend) to locate the courts for our co-passengers, the tennis team, we arrived at the hockey pitch at Aberystwyth, bleary eyed, hoping for a lengthy warm up to get us into the game mind set.  Our dear captain, Ottie Gotley was keen to get us pumped for another win, hurrying us on to the pitch to get going and to warm up Emma Sanders (first time in goal).  10 seconds later captains were called for the toss and our ‘get our heads in the game’ session was cut short to 2 minutes.  Emma meanwhile, was attempting to don the goalie kit just in time for the starting whistle. 

Minds still foggy from the journey and judgement clouded, confused about where in the UK we actually were, the game began.  A quick start with them straight on us, we let their title of “Aberystwyth 1s” creep into our heads and before we knew it, the first goal had been scored, 1-0.  We held them out for a little longer before they managed to put another one in the back of the goal.  We managed to fight back and maintained some good possession but a few short corners against us put us back further.  Despite some valiant attempts by Amy Pearson in the centre midfield and although we started to use our well-practiced “pass round the back” manoeuvre, we kept being closed down by Aberystwyth.  Unfortunately, the first half continued in this vain, Aber 1s seeming to just want the ball more than we did. 

Frustrated having let them get into our heads, there was lots to be said at the half-time team talk.  With many a contribution we realised that actually the score was in no way reflecting the game.  Ottie Gotley emphasised our need to “POST UP” for the ball and so we started the second half ready to fight, game faces on.  In spite of this, not long after the game had restarted, Tessa Jennett managed to completely wipe out despite that the ball was nowhere in sight.  Frankie Hill maintained her balance however and possession was regained up the left wing with strong defensive play from Abbie Blackmore.  A solid effort was made by all to get on the ball first and channel out the Aber players but despite a few shots on goal, they were stronger, the game ending at a disappointing 10-0.  Even though we were disheartened, we had a jolly long bus journey ahead of us to regain our spirits.  

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UBMHC 4th XI Vs Devizes

16 November 2012 at 20:44

I write this report with heavy heart and sunken morale. Like George Brown on many a social eve, the 4th XI sadly failed to rise to the occasion.

Following an eventful Score, the 4th XI were buoyed from my own faith (unbeaten BUCS or death), Beasley getting a girlfriend and Dolmio managing to get the piss stains out of his sheep suit (“I couldn’t remember where the toilets were and by that point it was too late anyway…”).

We arrived at Dingle typically early and began the game well – all those kickdowns were definitely helping! The first half was plagued with decent attacking play from our team and we won short after short. However, partially due to inconsistency in the team we were unpracticed and failed to convert these chances. Shots were fired, but their keeper blocked a number of good attempts and we were left wanting.

The work rate and drive were present throughout the half, but our fair maiden Lady Luck eluded us more than Fresher Katie Wassall did MJ on Wednesday night. This work rate was finely displayed by yours truly, when at full stretch I managed to fire a ball across the P-spot from wide, before bowling over the outside fence.

We reached HT with enthusiasm that we had been consistently on top and whilst wary of a few of their players, we were confident we could press on and score.

The 2nd half ensued with our dominance - though repeated failure to find the backboard – and their sparse, but ever present threat.

A notable appearance up front from our very own Michael Jones strengthened the side as we continued to press! The ball was ably transferred around our holding midfielder Ali Hales, earning him MoM.

Despite our dominance, with 5 minutes remaining and against the run of play, Devizes scored. We pushed hard until the final whistle, but were unfortunately left feeling like a man who has just been told his name isn’t John.


Nick Lawson.

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UBMHC 4th XI Vs. Wootton Bassett

16 November 2012 at 20:39

Some sports are great when played on beaches, like volleyball or even football for that matter, two great summer beach sports. However, we don't often tend to see hockey on the list of sun, sea and sand holiday sports; hence the dismay on the 4th XI's faces when they arrived at Wootton Bassett's battleground. Upon arrival we discovered that the match before was running late due to a freak accident occurring, the fracturing of one of the players arms due to the simply awful pitch condition. This was another unpopular turn of events for the team after Captain Lawson ESQ. demanded that we arrive early in order to fit in a full warm up unlike the week before, where a light canter to the pitch from the cars was all we fitted in. Nevertheless, said warm up did eventually occur and due to the additional time on our hands it also saw the inclusion of various parkour and free running moves attempted by M. Jones and A. Hales around the obstacles of Wootton Bassett School. After warm up finished we were finally able to get onto the pitch and test the dubious surface out. Ball pace was an immediate issue as we struggled to adapt to the exceptionally slow pitch, something which plagued the early stages of the game and led to an early dominance from the home side. This was illustrated by the conceding of an early goal, however, we quickly pulled back through M. Haywood in what we are still unaware to classify as a goal or not. It is unknown as to whether Max took the sandiness of the pitch into his own hands and started shovelling excess sand off to the side and by chance lobbed the keeper, or he and flat mate N. Lawson have some sort of Jedi extra-sensory bond which enabled them to connect a frankly Yoda worthy connection from top D and then past the host's keeper. I think it was around this point where one of the umpires decided to take the Dick of the Dy nominations into his own hands by branding J. Barton a 'dick' for his apparent incompetence at wearing a different colour shirt after going off the pitch through injury due to wearing a fast travelling ball on his ankle. It's as if the umpire was saying what we were all thinking. Soon after this, another off the pitch incident occurred when M. Haywood retrieved the incorrect handband from M. Jones' kitbag, opting for the Team GB stash, as opposed to the more absorbent Barbados option. Whether this improved Jones' gameplay at all is highly questionable. Wootton Bassett soon replied to our reply through some quick counter play where they utilised their experience of the difficult pitch to put it past C. Bolton's right post. Both communication and placement deteriorated from us, allowing the hosts to maintain a high press and a constant threat on goal. Some strong attacking play on the right from W. Gill earnt us some short corners which unfortunately we couldn't convert. Pitch conditions eventually caught up with us and a heavy fall from one of the umpires resulted in the match being postponed, awaiting a replay. This seemed like a favourable result for Bristol, enabling us the chance to play the game like we know we could have, and should have done, and earnt those three points.




M WG Jones


MoM: Max Haywood

DoD: Michael Jones

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Gloucester City Vs University of Bristol A

12 November 2012 at 17:57

The Bristol side, now bottom of the league with just a point to their name, was absolutely desperate for a win today against Gloucester away. However, the opposition would surely feel that a mid-table position for them could only stay theirs if they could take three points on occasions like this.  Bristol had push-back at the starting whistle, and possession stayed with them for a considerable time with good hockey played by all players: the forwards were leading well, the midfield stepping in front of their men and the defensive transfers were near perfect. It wasn’t long until Gloucester were caught on the break. A quickly played free-hit took Sleath into the opposition D where a short-corner was won. The injection from Louis Samuels went tactically straight to Will Summers who used Jedi skills to beat the first runner and slot the ball in the back of the net to put Bristol ahead, 1-0.  All Bristol players continued to work hard and it was not long until another goal was emphatically scored. Some good tekkers from P Goddard and co. brought the ball into the opposition’s D from the left hand-side. Somehow the ball made its way across the goal keeper, and it was Alex Gamble who sent it towards the opposite corner of the goal. However, a perhaps thieving Si Gillespie made the final touch as the ball was inches from crossing the line. A team goal we’ll call it, where Si gets the credit.  After thirty minutes of the first half, this Bristol 2nd team were looking the strongest they have been all season. On the thirty-first minute they conceded the first of what would turn out to be many goals. Until now it had appeared that a half court press had been working fantastically in forcing the opposition to make risky through balls into open space- and no Gloucester forward had as yet managed to get on the end of one, until this thirty-first minute- and a goal was scored. Bristol saw out the rest of the half, holding possession, feeling good about being 2-1 up.  Within 20s of the 2nd half the onslaught of Gloucester goals had begun. A quick, well orchestrated attack from the pushback left Bristol in awe. The ball was sent back, and then across, then forwards, then dribbled into the D for a quick strike and goal.  It seemed only moments later that Gloucester were putting another past Bristol keeper, Freddy Goddard. To Freddy’s credit the deflection of the opposition attack was performed using the inner curve of the reverse of their stick, to the top right hand corner, only last minute- he hardly stood a chance.  The score at this point, about 50 minutes in, was 3-2. Within the next 20minutes that score line doubled.  Although Bristol heads seemed rather dropped at this stage, they somehow managed to claw another one back, drawing the teams level. The equalizer was achieved by a clinical short-corner routine: straight injection (Sam Harte), perfect stick-stop and knock in (Louis Samuels improvising), and final strike by Summers into the bottom left corner. Hope was back in the side, but only for a moment.  Depressingly, Gloucester actually are a very tidy side, and Bristol has a tendency to not stay focused for the entire 70 minutes. Next came a trio of goals from Gloucester, two of which were scored through pin-point short-corner routines, and the other through quick build up play and a precise deflection in front of goal. 10 minutes to go and Bristol were 6-3 down.  This last 10 minutes was surprisingly some of better hockey played throughout the whole game from Bristol. Every player was beating their marker to the ball; special mention must go to Simon Gillespie for his relentless work rate. Great synergy between Bristol teammates left Gloucester shocked as multiple one touch passes were played consecutively deep into the opposition 23. This in-sync play continued into the opposition D where Kyle played a one-two, then crashed the ball right at the middle of the goal for Gamble to deflect into the back netting. The final score was 6-4 to Gloucester, unfortunately another loss for the Bristol 2nd team.  Will Summers, for his almost faultless play in multiple areas of the pitch, and of course for scoring half the Bristol goals, earned MOM. DOD was again snatched by Patricia for yet another air-swing, although the decision was not unanimous on this occasion- hopefully this series of Sleath match reports will reach a conclusion sometime soon.

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University of Bristol A Vs Marlborough

12 November 2012 at 17:52

Today’s match against Marlborough was the first of two crucial 6 point matches for a sharp and lively Bristol 2nd team.  A collision for Paris Goddard’s chin with a fellow teammate’s shoulder proved just how intense the pre-game warm-up was, with Bristol heads clearly switched on. Mathew Shelly subbed on for Paris to make the starting line-up.  In the early minutes Bristol looked good with a few surging attacks from the team as a whole. Rémy Oliver in particular was robbed of an almost certain short-corner having carried the ball from one D to the other D.  However, Bristol caught off guard by a quick counter attack, the Marlborough centre striker took the first goal of the day form the top of a Bristol D- a rather clinical cross goal finish.  Not looking too disheartened Bristol kept pushing, maintaining possession whilst effectively camped in the opposition’s half- but still no joy for the Bristol forwards. After some patient play, Gimble son of Gloin made a deep, skilled, penetrating attack into the opposition’s final inches- but an alert keeper made a last ditch save to deny Bristol the elation of an equalizer.A hardly relinquishing Bristol side continued to maintain possession but somehow it was Marlborough who claimed the next goal.  A few rash decisions from Bristol, including a head high reverse cross from Patricia Sleath, left the team yet goalless at the midway break.  Half-time arrived all too soon and it felt as though it was merely Miss Fortune who was letting the side down.  A miss-trap from an asleep Marlborough left-half gave Bristol possession from the off. This triggered a series of excited attacks to the Marlborough baseline, Jack Vellacot leading the most hopeful of these, delivering a tricky, fast bounding ball across the keepers pads from only a couple of yards away. The now high ball was volleyed in by a quickly reacting Gimble- what a goal thought the team and spectators! The rulebook, however, did not agree.  Unbelievably, the Bristol side conceded yet another goal. Freddy Goddard was left with a two on one and the ball was slotted around him with a frustrating professional ease.  Credit to the Bristol side, they never once dropped their heads to let in any barrage of goals in a small time frame- like has happened in previous games this season.  Across this half 6 short-corners were won, a staggeringly high number demonstrating the true balance in the game besides the score line. Out of these, all injections were perfect bar one, all stick stops good bar the miss-injection and an immature confusion between the stopper and striker, and on two occasions the Marlborough defense were out so quickly a shot could not successfully be made. But, excuses aside, zero goals from six short corners is a statistic that screams correction needed.  The last 60s were some of best hockey this home 2nd team has played this season- resulting in finally a goal. The goal was won through patience, composure, team synergy and perhaps a bit of luck from a goal keeper and a post. Sam Harte fired the ball in from the corner of the 23m line, and it was Vellacot who deflected it onto the Keepers pads, which bounced off on to the post, back on to the keeper and allegedly finally jabbed in again by Jack- to claim his 3rd goal for the UBHMC.  Full-time and another loss for Bristol on a Saturday did not feel all that crushing; the void between success and failure is becoming a slim one and will surely be traversed in the coming weeks. DOD was unanimously given to Sleath for air-shotting three times in the final phases of the game. MOM was won by #hatenuttal, for his seemingly never faltering skills in the middle of the pitch, eliminating the opposition with dribbling or making crucial leads to aid fellow team mates, his play was truly top notch.

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University of Bristol Mens 2's Vs Swansea City

12 November 2012 at 17:33

For Bristol University 2s it was a long journey to Swansea but they thankfully made it in time. As they arrived the sun shone brightly in the sky above promising a warm sunny afternoon, perfect for a hockey game. Once we got to the arena everyone was buzzing with excitement and enjoyed watching, like golden eagles from a great lookout tower upon high, a game being played before us. They weren’t the best but they tried which is important. Even the umpire was excited and couldn’t help shouting before the game. He shouted ‘Mr Oliver, you have to write the match report’. Suddenly, everyone else looked over and agreed and that was all. Once the first half started there was a chance for both teams to score, sadly no goals though. Both of the teams must have been half asleep! Bristol were particularly solid in their defending as Swansea tried to attack in through the centre of the pitch but they were, in fact, made to take the wide options around them. There were scares but the Bristol team covered well for each other as well as looking to get forward and break quickly when the opportunities arose. The number of short-corners for Bristol increased to the end of the first half as their attacks gained focus and sharpness but, unfortunately, none were turned into goals. Indeed, once Bristol had got into their rhythm they looked confident, passing the ball quickly, a dangerous force to be reckoned with who looked fearless and indestructible. At the end of the first half it was 0-0 the crowd were disappointed that there hadn’t been any goals yet but there was the second half to come. At half time Bristol were confident that they could win the game and encouraging words from each other and cheers from the crowd made them promise to play the next half even harder. The beginning of the second half Bristol were doing very good. Their movement was swift and fast and their work of the hockey stick was incredible, their playing fast and untouchable. Swansea looked worried, their faces shunned and ashamed and their quiet fans with small, sad faces sat on the side. However, Bristol conceded the first goal. It was a silly goal and the reaction was even sillier as Bristol seemed to lose concentration and energy.  Bristol turned to trying long, hard passes after this but ended up giving the ball back to the Swansea then they started to attack Bristol with fierce, determined faces. Swansea scored another three goals after this in only fifteen minutes. This meant it was hard for Bristol to get any points from the game but they must get out of their slump. For pride! Just like magic Bristol flung out of their slump and bounced back into action. Now they had nothing to lose the Bristol Boys were suddenly awake. Bristol dominated the last 15 minutes of the game and Swansea were attacked and hid in their quarter of the pitch. Bristol created opportunities well and put a lot of pressure on the Swansea goal and defenders. They scored two goals from this pressure and showed that they had the beating of the Swansea team.* The start of the ride back saw some sad faces and sad minds but also some Mario Kart. Everyone likes Mario Kart almost as much as nuttall is not liked (he seems quite ok to me but I’ve not met him) #hatenuttall. Bristol were sad to lose especially in the way they did but they took heart in the fact that they had played exceptionally well some times and looked dangerous in the last fifteen minutes and showed, for the most of the game, that the result can be different when Swansea visit Bristol.End score 4-2.

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