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Bristol 5s vs Filton Poly 4s

10 December 2012 at 02:16

This year’s 5s campaign started on a high with a strong performance and a well deserved 4-0 win against Filton poly. The 5s were frothing with excitement at the prospect of UWE at home as the first game of the season, and this was only exacerbated by the glorious new stash provided by Stupid Second Year. This excitement was short lived however, as Stupid Second Year true to form managed to get almost identical stash to the UWE side, thus meaning we played the fixture in some distinctively village green bibs.


After MJ’s rousing pre-match speech and booming roar of ‘3,2,1 Bristol’ we were ready to lock horns with our eternal foes at the infamous Dingle beach. The team featured 7 new members and early on our lack of practice together as a team showed, only managing to put one past a frankly awful poly team. Most of the half was spent camped in the UWE half, with them crossing the halfway line on only three occasions, mainly due to Michael Jones’ attempts to be a ‘penetrative centre back’ hungry for goals. This left Spagbol/Dolmio (Charlie Bolton) without much to deal with for the entirety of the first half.  We must have had at least half a dozen shorts in the first half, with Hickey eventually managing to convert one only to have it quickly discounted by the umpires for reasons unexplained. 


MJ’s rallying half time talk left the team hungry for goals and with both the vast, vast experience of Hickey, and Jonny Barton’s command of the midfield, those goals quickly came. A counter-attacking break resulted in the best move of the match and a third goal for Hickey, who was rightly voted man of the match. Congratulations are also in order for Will Gill for his debut goal. Dick of the day was shared between myself and Rob Winton who managed to put his shin pad to the ball instead of his stick when charging in on a far post deflection, clearly Monday’s training hadn’t paid off.  A ‘Das Boot’ nail-off ensued with the aforementioned footwear being donated by Winton himself, and this home advantage led to him winning said nail-off.


All in all a strong performance with many positives to take to training and next week’s match, a trip to the Stade de Frenchay to take on the UWE 3s. This fixture also saw the 5s storm ahead of the 4 in the league table into 2nd place.


Ben Clarke.

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Bristol 5s vs Bath 5s

10 December 2012 at 02:05

The day started in an unsurprising Bristol fashion, rain. And a lot of it too with reported flooding across Bristol reminiscent to the amount of liquid which was consumed and later regurgitated at last year’s tie death.

Now to the match, with a 12:30 meet for a 1:30 push back the team arrived to ‘the other pitch’. The energetic warm up began with what was assumed on first sight to be hockey balls but was later confirmed to be to the very colourful ‘Badock Intermural’ variety of ball. This lead to the initial warm up ball pace reminding everyone in attendance of Josh Bryce’s speed of nailing when on social. When the Bath team arrived with numbers on the back of the shirts such as ‘140’ and ours mainly in the 90’s we knew we had a hard game on our hands.

The game began and the previous rain of the day instantly made an impact on the stopping distance of the both the Bristol and the Bath players. Bath scored early with a particularly unimpressive tap in but it counted none the less. The Bath domination continued with Bristol unable to get it beyond the half way line for extended periods. The Bristol pace then picked up leading to  a disallowed goal for Bristol, but we were quickly back on our feet and keeping bath in their half for the rest of the first half. Half time came and with a top notch team talk from Michael Jones and Matalan the team departed from the momentous occasion feeling fully refreshed from Henry Pegram’s 17p bottles of water. Play resumed with Bristol pushing at Bath from the get go and we managed to have ball spend most of the time in Bath’s half except for the times where Chris Taylor was tackling for the ball but ended up spending most of the time on the floor. Other notable performances from the back included, through confusion between the new defender Robert Winton, who was originally a forward, Matt Allen and Michael Jones. This led to the left back being at the wrong end of the pitch and a gaping hole being left where he should have been. Another dickish display from Robert Winton led to play being stopped after he swatted the ball out of the air with his hand after being hit in the face with it. Dick of the day was duly awarded. One mysterious event was the Green carding of Reuben Slater, what for? We shall never know. The Bath goal scoring was neutered after all of this malarkey but while Bristol were pushing Bath back into their own D the umpires, which were felt to be ever so slightly more lenient to the other side, felt it was time to stop the game.

Bath were relieved and with that Man of the Match was awarded to Matt Allen Sr. For his heroic displays at keeping the back tidy and starting many of our not so clinical attacks. Due to the fact that Robert Winton was unable to make social that night social nomination was handed to Ted for some heroics at the back which escaped my view.

All in all it was felt that it was an unjust shoreline but everyone was anticipating Ted’s performance that night in Fresh Factor.

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UBLHC 4th XI vs Cardiff Uni 4th XI

04 December 2012 at 23:16

A solid performance seen by the mighty 4’s against Cardiff 4’s winning 4-1.
The first half started off with a break away goal from the opposition within the first 2 minutes of the game. This did not give the team much confidence and so the rest of the half saw some very average hockey played by all as well as some less than average calls made my the umpire. However we did manage to score within the first half, making the half time score 1-1.
The second half saw some much better hockey played by all with some nice passing developing and much better ball movement in the D. Player of the match was Jo for her steady performance in the mid. Final score 4-1, a much deserved win in the end!

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UBLHC 4th XI vs Exeter 3rd XI

04 December 2012 at 16:13

We started the match knowing that Exeter 3s were going to be a strong, fit and organised team so we had to go out hard. Although the first Exeter goal was scored quite quickly from a slight mix up, Bristol 4ths started very well with 50-50 if not more possession. However Exeter ladies chased everything down and were making it extremely hard for us. We had some great moments of linked up and brilliant play though all over the pitch and were unlucky on two or three occasions not to score, gaining a few short corners too. Nicola who was man of the match was extremely dominant and influential.

Towards the end of the second half Exeter began to control the game a little more and slotted in a few skilful goals, which couldn’t be stopped. Nevertheless the Bristol girls put up a big fight and played extremely well considering, both in defence, midfield and attack, working hard right till the end. The end score was 5-0 but probably wasn’t a fair outcome from what I thought was a much closer match.

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