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1s Ladies lose 4-0 against a vicious Cardiff side

Unfortunately not the best game for the mighty maroon. The game started equally but a good fight from the Cardiff girls gave them an early goal and set us on the back foot. Where we stayed.

However, Cardiff became more and more frustrated as the match went on and after a wonderful tackle from Rhian, it meant their only option was to push her over, booooooo. Rhian having gone off due to a dodgy back, we were determined to set this nasty Cardiff team back in their place. However, a second goal for Cardiff before half time meant that going into the second half we weren't in the strongest position.

An unfortunate misplaced pass from us gave them the chance to score the third goal and they took the chance despite a wonderful dive from keeper, Martha. The fourth goal secured Cardiff's victory, 4-0. However, onwards and upwards, as the anticipation of that nights social kept team moral high right to the end. With Oxford away next week, we're determined to get back on our Winning Wednesday streak!

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