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Ladies 1s narrowly lose out against Bath

On the fateful winters morning of the 11th December 2013, the troops of the UBLHC set off on their treacherous journey from the great city of Bristol and into enemy territory. The quest proved too much for some and the fresh car were diverted back towards Bristol after a rendition of the epic Christmas tune, Band Aid’s “Do they know it’s Christmas?” (the original, obviously) forced them to miss the exit to Bath. Upon arrival on enemy territory (all squad present) the journey continued due to Bath’s horrendous car parking but nevertheless, all soldiers arrived pumped and ready to go (apart from FresherIrishHelen, who got changed on the side of the pitch) with the help of our secret weapon, Mr Ian Cordwell.


With the dark fog descending upon the city of Bath, it seemed far too dangerous to engage in battle, yet in true UBLHC style, we prospered and the whistle blew for the war to commence. A strong performance from both sides proved a tough game and sadly, a cheeky drag flick from a short corner in the final seconds of the first half saw Bath go 1-0 up. More determined than ever, Bristol stepped back out onto the battlefield at the start of the second half with a vengeance. After some beautiful play from the midfield, the #mightymaroon attack stepped up, with a special mention to MoM Bevan who showed no mercy to Bath’s defence with some awesome speed, skill and power. A sublime pass from ChavvyFreshFrankie to KeenFreshRach saw a cross to Preston’s stick and the sloth striked again with a legendary goal. Tensions running high, Bath continued to put pressure on Bristol’s solid defence who, as always, prevented any kind of real threat. Then, sadly and unexpectedly, disaster struck as Bristol lost star forward, Steph, to a yellow card from an overly sensitive umpire, who had clearly got out on the wrong side of the bed that morning, and Steph was asked to ‘take a walk’. Yet the battle continued, more violent than ever. As always, a sterling performance from Rhian (world’s greatest Mum) showed true dedication in an act of sacrifice as she took a shot to the body and she fell, wounded. Yet miraculously, and in true UBLHC style, she proved she would not be defeated and arose; stick in hand, ready to defend Bristol’s honour. Later however, Bristol were forced to mourn another loss as our leader, CaptainCat, was mercilessly sent off after some ‘backchat’ to the umpire from CoachCordwell. Bristol and Bath continued their battle with a strong performance from both sides, yet sadly a break from Bath’s forward gave them the opportunity to score a second goal in the final five minutes of the game. In response, Bristol fought harder than ever but sadly it was not meant to be, and the #mightymaroon were forced to return back to Bristol, defeated.  


One day, we will return, and we will win. We shall never surrender. #onederful 

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