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Yamsters one win from promotion after latest BUCS win

One Game away from Promotion.
Sitting on top of the table, with a 100% record, we were full of confidence and ready to start the return fixtures.  We however knew we were up against probably the second strongest team in the league. So we would have to fight for a win, which would put us probably only a game away from promotion. 
It was however the University of South Wales who came out fighting, all be it with a low blow to the face of Mikey Farquhar (who I must say is now looking beautiful). I really don’t know what he was thinking going for an arial in that situation, it was a big loss for us and meant the midfielders were all going to have to put in a real shift. 
Tempers started to build through the first half, with SW beginning to get more and more frustrated with some of the umpires decisions. It however, did not prevent them from scoring from a quick counter attack; which left their forward with plenty of time to pick his spot.  The cauldron had truly reached boiling point, when one of their players told to the umpire to ‘**** off’ (something I am sure a Gentleman of the UBMHC would never do), and subsequently left his team with 10 players for the rest of the match. This should have been enough for us to take control and play fast, quick and simple hockey as we know we can, and as their 10 men (no subs) tired we would take control.
We quickly made it 1-1 following a neat clinical finish from Rhys. However, it was not until well into the second half when we took the lead from a touch of magic from Captain Yam himself, saw him take it onto is reverse side (as he so often does) at the top of the D and strike it cleanly (which he less often does) and high into the goal, much to the relief (or more disbelief) of the team. Another goal followed with Rufus getting the final touch on a scrappy bit of play in their D with the keeping making some good saves, as he had done throughout. Now sitting 3 – 1 up, the flood gates could of opened and comprehensive score line could of followed, but instead we found ourselves with our backs against the wall, the defence stood strong and we rode out the pressure, 3-1 it finished.
MoM went to Oz (whom I am reliably informed thoroughly enjoyed rugby social later that evening, repeatedly proclaiming his love of the UBMHC), for a complete performance in the middle of defence where they rarely got a look in. Dod, went to myself as I got very familiar with the floor as I went to take a long corner and proceeded to fall flat on my arse (I have put some new Astro’s on the Christmas list).

George Jameson

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