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Yamsters put 8 past UWTSDS

t is fair to say that UW Trinity St David Swansea turned up at fortress Dingle being the underdogs. Even though the talk was that we did not play our best it is fair to say that we showed why we are top of the league. At times passing was good and movement if not for the full 70 minutes however it proved to be enough to get an 8-0 win.

Houlder hardly put a foot wrong all game and deserved man of the match with his four goals, most of which were from close range and showed good finishing skill. Josh Bryce also had a good game scoring two however there were a few great moments. Firstly when he played rapid tennis with the opposition goal keeper, and secondly when he made a deflection which almost looked like he was playing for the defending team. Nonetheless you cannot complain with two goals and with a good show of skill well played Bryce. The other two goals were scored by Tom Wilson and Deeyam. Tom’s goal showed great courage as he slid in from the back post run and deflected the ball goal wards. Other notable performances came from Ben Steel who was keen to show the Captain he can play in midfield. He made some great runs up the middle and looked a threat whilst attacking. Matt Collins also put in some good shifts up front with his good pace proving to be difficult to handle. Dick of the day moment came from myself when I missed a chance that was far easier to score from than it was to miss, when the ball was crossed to me and with nobody within 5 metres of me I proceeded to sky the ball over the goal from about 2 metres away, looking like an idiot in the process. 

Overall the press was pretty effective and together with the cries from John Howarth of ‘aerial’ we forced their centre back to throw flicks left right and centre. We also managed to cut out many passes from 16s and created a lot of attacking opportunities from the press. However no doubt there will still be stuff to work on. Defence again looked solid as ever as the score will suggest. Melon who was nominated for man of the match only touched the ball once. As I said at the beginning we have shown how dominant we are in this league by easily beating our closest contenders by at least four goals. Results like this against the lower teams are only reinforcing this dominance. Lets hope the rest of the games go the same way and keep up the good work!!!

Fergus Black

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