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1s win against UWE

Varsity came upon us, and with aching memories of our draw from last year we were all pretty pumped to smash them this year, especially as they’d rigged in some decent players from Firebrands and Clifton-which seemed to be the main conversation before the match. It must have psyched us up rather then panic us as we went out there all guns blazing from the start.

Another topic of popular conversation revolved around the elusive boombox…some said it was the biggest electrical appliance they’d ever seen, some said it had the loudest sound output they’d ever heard and some said it could be heard 20 minutes away and still drown out all surrounding white noise. However it was discovered that ‘some’ were in fact just sales people at PC World…”Oh yes, they are just as loud outside-if you want really loud speakers these will be by far the best option.” Thanks for nothing salesman. This turd has made sure my title, as ‘worst VCC in history’, will not ever be disputed, especially after my own previous mistake of buying non-portable speakers. Moving on…

We were all super pumped after warming up to our deafening beats echoing around dingle and started by having basically all the possession, with the ball constantly in their half. After some patience and a few missed opportunities, Kirsty popped in our first goal (I have no idea whether this is correct as the information from my sources conflict) and I think I’m right in saying she flicked it over the goalie because I remember hearing ‘I don’t think I’ve ever flicked the ball in my entire life’ in classic Kirsty fashion. Shortly after, two goals from GK and Emma Bevan put us in a secure 3-0 lead (again I’m not even sure this is right as garam and score seems to have erased mine, and other peoples, memory.) All we needed to do in the second half was keep playing how we had been, and we’d hopefully get more goals. This wasn’t actually the case as they decided to put the entirety of their team in their D to prevent the humiliation of a complete gubbing. We did manage to get one more goal from some inspired teamwork between Preston and Lucy McKee, with McKee securing the goal (not Preston, who strangely, but wisely, did not try and take the Clifton 1s keeper on herself.)

No one got sent off, no one got injured and we smashed UWE 4-0. All in all it was an excellent day, and we went on to celebrate at garam massala, and then onto score. The highlight of my night: Charlotte Watt in her hospital gown running down park street absolutely wasted. I had genuine concern that a police car or ambulance would think she was an escaped mental patient…however this luckily did not happen with the worst outcome being her banishment from prysm. Kudos you crazy little fresher.

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