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Elston uses hair gel to wash himself in Bath

For much of this season there have been no real classic off field blunders. This has meant that we are inevitably forced to chose between Alun for his persistent desire to play upfront for the opposition, Arthur because we know it will wind him up, or any other petty and small error. This however, was a fairly good one.

In a match that meant everything to Bath and very little to Bristol it was perhaps little suprise that Bath started better and took and early 2-0 lead. Those who follow Bristol hockey consistently will notice that this is something of a regular occurance, apparently we play better hockey when we are down. 

A well taken Bristol PC returned the score to 2-1 and at this point Bristol were in the accendancy. Jack Thorpe had clearly seen enough defensive errors today and so decided that he would simply push the opposition forward to ground rather than atempt to tackle him, he was duly shown a jaundiced quadrilatrel of doom from the umpire and allowed an early half time break. Bath did not score the following PC, and at some point before the end of the half Tarn (I think) was able to slot the ball past the on rushing net minder. 2-2 at half time.


As usual we decided that we could be playing better and that we ought to pass the ball a bit more and that we probably ought to win it now. Sadly none of this happened. A host of disasters lead to bath taking a 5-2 lead. Mention should go to FedEx who on the left post, infront of both parents, brother and brothers girlfriend, managed use his foot to deliver the ball from outside the post and into the goal. Arthur wasted no time in telling him. 

2 spontaneous short corner moves involving stopper allowed a Hussler J brace. Final score Bath 4 Bristol 5. Much to the suprise of their centre forward who spent the whole game telling me how shit their defenders were.

After the traditional dissapointed huddle Bristol headed to the showers. Elston was busy being a club man and so entred the chanding facilities after the shower gel had been removed from play. All that was left was a mysterious container with the inscription "creamy gel" lovely stuff.  Taking this into the shower for the usual treatment I was slightly off put by the lack of lather produced by the gel but continued bravely. On leaving the shower this mystery was explained, hair gel is practically usless for washing with. Moroon. 

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