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UBLHC 1s Eventful 11 Hour Round-trip to Bude

First game after the Christmas; away at Bude. Not quite how everyone wanted to start  after two weeks of exams but despite this spirits were high as it was to be another trip in GK’s minibus of fun.  However as we set off, with Tess and Cornish enjoying a nice shower through the broken window and everyone sinking into the damp seats; each new discovery of a mouldy item of clothing only worsened the mood.

Never the less 140 miles of country roads later we made it to the windswept bude to face the typical mismatch we’ve learnt to expect from a Saturday league team.  We started off slightly under pace but still with most possession.  With Lowri making some great balls up to Rachel (Bradshaw) and numerous patches of great play to everyone’s frustration it was nearly 20 minutes before the first goal as scored. A cracking ball in from Ali found the end of Tess’s stick making it 1-0 to UBLHC and a great start to Tess’s 1s debut.  However despite numerous great saves from Rachel (Clare) we finished the half 1-1 after repeatedly leaving ourselves open at the back.

However as per usual we came back out with the mind-set to ensure we went home victorious. And that we did. After a couple of slapdash shorts and some off the line clearances from their defence, Rach slotted one in and we were 2-1 in front. After that we just had to stay calm and in control of the game and hold off a last few attacks from a decent Bude side. But everyone was pleased to end with a score of 2-1 even if we should have come away with a few more goals. Rachel (Bradshaw ) won man of the match for her great work up front with nominations also for Lowri.

Now it was just time for our treck home and a treck it was. Cornish’s earlier comment of  ‘That bus doesn’t look like it’s going to make it to Bude’ really came back to bite us as half an hour into our journey as 130 miles from Bristol our dilapidated minibus broke down. With the union offering a helpful message of ‘we are currently closed but you can email us and someone will get back to you when they return to the office’ it was a sorry sight to see the team all stood on the side of the road in the dark, looking terribly miserable. After knocking on a local’s door (whose family happened to play hockey in Bude) attempts to restart the bus failed.  We had to wait for an hour and a half for some help to arrive; the time filled with hunts to find a nearby toilet in the bushes, Rachel making a new  friend, Sandy from the breakdown company. As phones were slowly running out of battery we needed some cheering up, as per usual Helen was straight on to this with numerous rounds of guess the word stuck to your head (each description getting more bizarre as the tiredness set in).

It was happy faces all around when our replacement appeared and we were finally back on the way home – with only two hours to go. Arriving home two hours later than planned the 11 hour trip had been a long day but great to still get three points to remain top of the table.

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