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Massive win for the Ladies 1s against Exeter

No one could have predicted that it was going to be "the best game of hockey ever played by a bristol university team, including both boys and girls" #iancordwell-stop it you. Or for that fact, that we would thrash the top of our league, Exeter, 2-0. Every member of the team was excited and up for it... Even since the Monday training session before. I could see it in Rachel's eyes. She'd made her squash differently that day. And my god did it pay off.

The game began and unlike usual we were actually quite decent in the first few minutes and had all the possession-getting up in Exeters grill. Least to say they weren't liking that, and moreover a dodgy umpire call sent them into riots. I'm pretty sure I saw their captain in floods of tears, banging her stick on the floor shouting that it wasn't fair. But once that spectacle was all over we lined up for our short corner and our MOM Lowrie smashed one in (cue loud sobbing from their captain.) For the rest of the half we dominated play but couldn't quite get another ball in the back of the net. Not naming names but I'm pretty sure Lucy Preston missed 1 if not 5 chances but who's counting? Anyone and everyone was watching.

As the 2nd half started we were ready to get another goal to put us properly ahead as we were all a little concerned with the mere 1 goal difference. This is where Emma Bevan (DOD-for very good reason) played a cruel joke on us. Imagine getting past the goalie and having an open goal in front of you. What would you do? What would I do? I mean... Probably put it in the goal right?! Yehhhh... But bev thought she'd do a funny and miss. Exeter found it funny, Bristol...unsure.

Poor innocent Iola went to stop an arial-I think it was aiming at Tom and she panicked. She flung her stick above her shoulders to save Tom and for that was rewarded with a yellow card. Confused and shaken up she exited the pitch and we were down to 10 players. Also worthy of note was Stephs incredible save off the line-that was a tense moment for the defence which could have changed the game. Muchas gracias pretty lady.

So a very well deserved victory for the gals! Now it's time for the cup. We are ALLLL over that. Gunna smash it. Hopefully a coach trip to our neighbours Durham...

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